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Lincoln Lions Youth Cheerleading is for cheerleaders ages 5-18 (formation of teams by age requires a certain amount of cheerleaders at each level to form a team), regardless of prior experience. We take pride in teaching your children proper cheer techniques, a positive attitude, sportsmanship and the benefits of being on a team.

Lincoln Lions provide:

  • Uniform: Shell and Skirt

Parents provide:

NEW FOR 2017!  A CHEER PACKAGE (purchased through us for an additional cost, not included in the registration fee).


  • game bows
  • crop top
  • lollies/boyshorts
  • shoes

Parents also provide (purchased on your own)

  • water bottle
  • socks

Optional purchase by parents:

  • warm-up suit
  • bags

Equipment needed to be purchased by parents can change every year.  Be sure to check with your coach or the cheer coordinator for current information.

Forms you will need to submit:

Current year’s Registration Form — signed by a parent/guardian

Original Birth Certificate (for their first year only, we will get a copy certified and return your original)

Medical Clearance — signed by your physician, dated in the current year

Copy of Final Report Card of grade just completed in June

Cheerleading follows American Youth Cheer guidelines and NFHS safety rules. Currently, we do not have any step or dance teams, but if you are interested in those, please contact Judi Wescott, Cheer Coordinator. Our cheerleaders cheer at every game–rain or shine, and perform a halftime routine.  In October we participate in the Blackstone Valley State Cheer Competition held at the Ryan Center at URI.   Should any of our competitive level teams (10U, 12U, 14U, 18U) place 1st-3rd they will move on to the Regional competition, which is held all over New England.  AYC holds a National competition in Florida that takes place in December. If any of our competitive level teams place first at Regionals, the League, along with parental, board, and coaching agreement, will do what we can to help that team get to Nationals, usually by holding specific fundraisers to defray costs.

Our teams are based on age, the cut-off is July 31 of the current year.   Our team structure may change from year to year, depending on the rules of our national affiliate.  We may institute a flag team, which will include ages 5-7 who have not cheered yet. The Flag and 8U Division teams are NON-COMPETITIVE, they go to our State Competition at the end of the season to perform a routine but they do not compete against other teams.  All Flag and 8U participants in the State Competition get participation medals.  Our coaching staff will make the best possible determination for your child’s team based on age and experience.  We’re not always able to have a team at every level, it depends on the amount of different ages that sign up each year and how many coaches we have on staff at the beginning of the season.

*Our Division 10, 12, 14 and 18 teams are competitive.

Division 8U5-8K-3
Division 10U*8-103-5
Division 12U*10-125-7
Division 14U*12-147-9
 Division 18U* 15-18 10-12

All cheerleaders must submit their medical clearance that has been signed by their physician before they can begin practice.  You can turn them in before the season starts at any registration we are having or you can mail it to our P.O. box:

LLYFC,  P.O. Box 503,  Lincoln,  RI  02865

Bring your voice and your spirit, and Let’s Go Lions!