When and Where do I register?

Registration normally starts late May.  You can register online here or at any of our posted walk in Registrations.

What do I need to register?

  • original birth certificate (new registrations ONLY)
  • proof of residency
  • medical clearance form
  • final report card from the current school year

Why do you need my original birth certificate?

We are playing interscholastically, we need the official sealed birth certificate for proof of age.  We will have them certified by the league president and return them to you.

What is the medical clearance form?

The Medical form is the annual physical form from the doctor. Must be dated within one year of the start of the regular season.  You can also have your doctor sign the AYF medical clearance form.

Can my child play if I haven’t turned in my paperwork?

Unfortunately, If your child hasn’t turned in all paperwork they will NOT be allowed to practice with the team or receive a uniform.

When does the season start?

Preseason starts July 25th until the end of August.  The regular season is 8 weeks, additional weeks added for playoffs.

What is the time commitment for a player?

Starting in preseason practice will take place 3-5 times a week (2 hours) depending on divisional age.  Once the season begins, we will have practice during the week and have game on Sunday.  Practice schedule is subject to the coach.

Where will we play our games?

All home games are at Lincoln High School.  Away game locations depend on our schedule.  Location of fields can be found here.

What will I need to purchase for football and/or cheer?

Go to the football or cheer pages for more information

Can I help during the season?

We always need help on the field,  snack bar,  gate check and many more….we LOVE Volunteers.

What do I need to coach?

If you are interested in helping coach contact with Guy Williams


How do I hear about Lions News?

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