Pre Season Starts tomorrow!!!

First practice is tomorrow at 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM. We will be at the Lincoln High School Front and Side Fields.

Please remember water! This is the week of exercise and instruction and a little fun!!!

Tomorrow is our first day of practice! Hope you are excited. We are doing something a little different this year.  The League is being very strict with medical clearance so as a result, I will have a tent setup starting at 5:00PM  for people to bring all their paperwork.  Once the player has handed me their medical clearance and has their photo taken,  I will give them a paper to give to you. I will be sending this to all players families so hopefully it goes smooth.

Any people who would like to register please come early tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Pre Season Starts tomorrow!!!

  1. I am late when it comes to registration I apologise is it too late my son Carlos is 7 and attends Lonsdale and my daughter Francesca is 8 and also attends Lonsdale I also have a son thatbwill be five in September

    1. Yes we have room. Please come tonight at the high school at 5:45. I will have registration paperwork but we need their original birth certificates, medial clearance and end of the year report card

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