Practice tonight….Wednesday 8/29/2018

We are exercising extreme caution with our kids. We are having practice for football but restricting the players to wearing practice jersey or tee shirts, shorts, cleats and bring your helmet. Coaches may vary this but we are no allowing full gear and full contact in this weather. Please bring Gatorade, water, or anything like that to prevent dehydration. Practices for some teams may only last 90 minutes, check with your coach before leaving your child. 8U, 10U and flag will be at the Middle School and 9U, 11U and 13U will be on the side of the High School. McColl Field is not ready for us yet.

Cheerleader parents, please consult your coaches for your practice locations. Also, bring Gatorade and or water for hydration.

If your coach has already sent an email out with instructions, go by that email not this one.

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